A brighter day always follows the darkest night

But I don’t want any more fucking bright days

Because I know what follows those

How dare you smile while my mother’s heart is breaking?

How dare you taunt me with your laugh when it’s evident I’m bleeding internally?

How dare you think about only yourself while the children suffer to death?

How dare you call the emotionally intelligent people who care ‘crazy’?

When, according to the DSM V, you’re sadistic, psychopathic, antisocial, egocentric, and narcissistic

Let’s play the blame game: ‘You’re psychotic!’

My brother just died, and you posted another sunset pic

My sister just killed herself, and you made another stupid joke

I hate that my mom is crying, but more so I hate that I have no one to blame but myself

I hate that depression exists, but more so I hate that you don’t care